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Monitoring of Russia’s Economic Outlook No.19(57) November 2017


Main topics of the issue: The Russian industry in Q3 2017: the same trends go on; January-August 2017: simultaneous growth in imports and exports; Industrial enterprises in Q3 2017: demand gets thinner; Russian banks: profit growth decelerates; Is the minimum wage in need of reform?

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Monitoring of Russia’s Economic Outlook No.18(56) October 2017


Main topics of the issue: The Federal Budget for 2018-2020: austerity measures; Russia’s balance of payments in Q3 2017; Households’ debt on payments for housing and public utility services (HPUS): for whom it is difficult to pay?; Tax administration in Russia.

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Monitoring of Russia’s Economic Outlook No.17(55) October 2017


Main topics of the issue: Russian retail lending market yet to recover to pre-crisis levels; The middle class is getting out of the crisis, but has apprehensions about the future; Industrial sector feels fine about its labour productivity; Russia’s economic aid to other countries in 2016; Tax on extra revenue to introduce in oil industry.

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Monitoring of Russia’s Economic Outlook No.16(54) September 2017


Main topics of the issue: Inflation in Russia: a sharp deceleration in Q3 2017; Regions in H1 2017: the crisis is almost over, but no growth in sight; Food aid program: support of the population or agriculture?; Tax incentives: how to measure the effectiveness of tax incentives; Tax manoeuvre in Russian petroleum industry.

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Monitoring of Russia’s Economic Outlook No.15(53) September 2017


Main topics of the issue: The execution of the Federal Budget for H1 2017: further consolidation; Russian industry in mid 2017;  Industry adaptability index: a new all time high; Bank of Russia updates bank resolution mechanism to increase its control

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